A White Officer Shot a Black Teenager 4 Years Ago. The Chicago Awaits a Verdict.

3 years ago, the white police officer in Chicago murdered a black teenager boy 16 times in the month of October. The police superintendent Garry F. McCarthy was compelled led out, the prosecutor Anita Alvarez lost the election and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago in August. On Tuesday, he announced he would not be seeking re-election.

The local citizens of Chicago and the Department of justice became angry on this act on the failure of the police department plus extensive extreme power aimed at Latinos, African-Americans.

The jury makes its deliberations on Friday; investigate that the officer feels guilty in the video for murdering the teenager. Now the all the citizens of Chicago are waiting for the final decision of the jury.

This murder case has become an alternate for longstanding inquiries about police legal responsibility. It has happened after 50 years since an on-duty police officer shoots out a teenage boy in Chicago. And a strong investigation was made to make a decision.

The teachers in public schools are courage to discuss this case with their students. They offer some topics like “What does the trial and its outcome mean for Chicago?”

Advocates and the legal authorities are met to map the investigation to prove that the office is not a criminal. Barriers are fixed in front of the courthouse. The police force is ordered to set their duty for 12 hours and their holidays are canceled.

City Hall Officers develop a plan for all agencies of 150 pages. This action plan is made to control the public response about the decision of this case.

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