Bella Hadid and The Weekend Coupling Up at Kylie’s 21 Birthday Bash

The American supermodel Bella Hadid and the Canadian singer The Weekend coupled up for Kylie Jenner’s 21 birthday bash. Kylie Jenner received a vintage Rolls-Royce as her birthday gift and it was exclusively confirmed that Bella Hadid took The Weekend as her date to the birthday party. A while ago it was confirmed that they both got back together on July 26. These two were seen showing affection and love to each other on Kylie Birthday at Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles on August 10. An eyewitness said that “the relations between the two have returned to normal as both could not resist keeping their hands off each other the whole night” and “both were holding and kissing each other all night and if someone wanted to see their PDA they could witness it from a distance.”

The observers of the PDA have reported that it was not just The Weekend who was showing the public love and affection, but Bella Hadid was also initiating kisses and hugs more often. The lovey-dovey kisses and hugs were followed by more love all night and Abel Tesfaye (Real name of The Weekend) was not stepping back from Bella Hadid’s advances.

Bella Hadid and Abel Tesfaye look a very strong and happy couple as things between the two are going perfectly good, the eyewitness reported. Kim Kardashian also confirmed the reunion of the two lovers as she snapped the video with The Weekend and then tilted to his girlfriend who was dancing just beside him with best friend Kendall Jenner. Bella Hadid and The Weekend dated for 1 year and then got separated in November 2016. After their splitting, pictures of singer Selena Gomez and The Weekend kissing each other surfaced on the social media which led to the end of the friendship between Bella Hadid and Selena within January 2017. However, months later both friends got back together when Bella liked the posts of Selena’s Instagram which confirmed that things are good between the Two.

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