ESPN had Johnny Manziel write a letter to Baker Mayfield because why though?

This weekend there was an abundance of various exaggerated news on television from Kanya. Who settle a getup of a water bottle on the SNL for the weird view of LeBron James in the uniform of Lakers in his debut previously.

The most mysterious fact I saw is that Johnny Manziel writes a letter to advice Baker Mayfield about section on ESPN’s NFL Countdown on the last Sunday.

I want to know what was it and what does it mean?

All the time people may compare the personalities of both Johnny Manziel and the Baker Mayfield. The main point was that anyone would think about the advice that Johnny has offered to the Brown Rookie. Is there anything that would lighten some bigger reach…. that can never use Magic Bullet you remain on the peak shelf?

Although the weirder is the sections over the top style of a documentary. You may have known about the avoidable and exaggerated talk generally kept as the secret for ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.

Dear Baker “you and the other people already may know the one thing that both of us are not the same personalities. Manziel said that on an Eminem video clip.

It doesn’t matter that how many people make a comparison of us, before that the same team put us side by side. We will never compare in the way as we play or any specific uniform we wear!”

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