Jenna Dewan Poses Nude for Women’s Health September Issue

Congratulations to Jenna Dewan,37,for making the cover of Women’s Health September Edition. That is not an easy feat to achieve; it ranks high on anyone’s achievements. Any model would kill for the opportunity and she is a mom, that’s huge. At 37, the mother of 5 year old Everly Tatum is confident in her skin, enough to strip for the magazine, that’s inspiring!

Many people have their beliefs on posing naked and some even slut mothers who are confident enough to do so. She obviously carefully considered the option before jumping in and doing the shoot. Much as everyone is allowed an opinion she is also allowed the choice to decide for herself. And boy did she look stunning on the cover.

She really looked fabulous and confident.

The Step Up star background as a dancer really helped her, dancing comes with a lot of confidence. Dancers steps into an emotion and wears it and becomes what the emotion is, as they focus only on it and closes themselves to anything from outside.

This is not about nudity, it’s about women being confident in their skin, its about women being proud of their womanhood, flaws or no flaws, stretchmark or no stretchmark. We celebrate Jenna and all the other mothers who set the stage for her by posing nude before. They are all powerful and beautiful women who are successful in their careers.

Jenna attributes her sexy figure to working out. Maintaining such a body is definitely hard work and Jenna seem very inspired to continue working out with a goal of maintaining her body and getting even stronger. Strong is sexy so we say keep on shining Jenna. The September cover is beautiful and she rocks.

A big shout out to moms like Heidi Klun, Kim Kardashian who did it before her. They set the stage for her.

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