Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer Claims 3 Other Women Were Paid By Donald Trump To Stay Quiet.

When controversy comes like a flood, it can damage not only the accused but everyone whose life interwove with theirs. Many influential people use their influence, power and sometimes money to silence their victims. Most times the victims are silenced forever but sometimes they refuse to be silenced, are resilient in their relentless quest for justice, which is not always realized. But justice or no justice many get fulfillment in speaking out when the odds were against them.

The President of America Donald Trump has always been dodged with controversies even before his ascendency to the presidency. During his days as a businessman, he earned a lot of characters, from shrewd businessman to calculative and unforgiving.

After ascending to the presidency of Great America, many came with different accusations and claims, add to that controversies surrounding Russia’s interference in the elections.

And then there is Stormy Daniels, the 39 year old porn star who was reportedly paid $133 000 for her silence on the affair she allegedly had with the president in 2006 just before the election which elected Donald Trump to the Presidency.
As if that was not controversial enough the same lawyer who represented her is reportedly to have made a startling revelation that he is representing three more women who were allegedly paid by President Trump for their silence. It doesn’t sound like a mere rhetoric as he said he was only waiting for clearance from the clients to give more details.

Trouble really seems to follow President Trump. At every turn, there are allegations made against him.
Whether the evidence is sufficient to get them the justice they seek, whatever it is, the political opponents will be itching for the dirty linen to be hanged hoping it will just help them in their case to discredit him as an unworthy leader a great nation like America needs.

Only time will tell.

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