Taylor Swift is caught walking hand in hand with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn caught together walking hand in hand after announcing their relationship formally at the premiere party of their upcoming film.

Both the Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn survive in a love story seeing as in 2016. This couple has a low famed profile in their association and hiding from the cameras.

They love each other for two years and now after passing the period of two years, Joe Alwyn dare to accept that she has in a relationship with the Swift Taylor. Now they show the reality to the whole world without any hide and seek. They are walking hand in hand now in the movie premiers and the other parties.

Cameras find them together now at any place. They showed their love first time at the premiere of Joe Alwyn movie “The Favorite”. This movie is one of her new upcoming movies. All the reporters immortalize them when the Joe Alwyn hold the hand of Swift Taylor and announced about their love openly

The premiere of the movie was arranged at the Lincoln Center is a part of the New York Film Festival. Recently the Joe Alwyn showed her relationship with the singer for the Fashion Magazine.

She said I believe that awaiting now we have been doing well in establishing the relationship secretively and it appears that the world has started to take it … even though I like to discuss the work,”

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